Firstly, I do believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and I often ponder over this idea. I have seen a great deal of films and documentaries about aliens and I have drawn my own conclusions about their existence.

When I speak of aliens, what do you think of hearing this? Don’t you think about small green dwarfs with antennas roaming with their flying saucers or other types of spacecrafts? Yes, we all have seen such things on TV or in movies, and some of us have even seen “them” in real life; of course, nobody believes people who state that they have seen an alien spacecraft. I think aliens may look exactly like our species; “they” might be normal people living on a distant planet somewhere in the universe who are thousands of years more advanced than we are. “they” may have achieved technological developments or other creations we think are impossible to make [like “flying saucers” traveling at the speed of light].

In addition, most people are not interested in the extraterrestrial world because it is something very unusual and bizarre; after all, we are living in the 21st century. People are growing so accustomed to their everyday lives, to their jobs, or just trying to focus on their obligations. Some people are giving their best at work, striving for success in life; other people are dedicated to their families or marriages; and others [like me] are interested in science fiction and stare into the night sky with their digital cameras on :). As I’ve already said most of the people are used to their lifestyles and the idea of “flying saucers” shocks and (in most cases) amuses them; it sounds like a complete nonsense, doesn’t it?

I may be wrong about everything I’ve said so far, but there is something more important than my righteousness and the existence of extraterrestrial life. I assume that the Universe is infinite and everyone will agree with me. Also, our galaxy is not the only one in the universe and there are many other planets out of the solar system. I just wonder how life exists only on Earth? How is it possible that we are the only inhabitants of the vast universe?