Break dancing…

Break dancing…

Why break dancing?

Break dancing is one of the most difficult, fatiguing and dangerous types of dancing.

Break dancing is not a regular dancing style, but something a lot more than that. Break dancing is:

* A lifestyle;

* A sports activity;

* A way of escaping from the daily routine;

* A way of expressing your character and current feelings;

Break dancing is not easy; one should be well prepared physically and mentally if desiring to learn how to break. In order to master the basics of break dancing one should never give up practicing despite the pain and fatigue he will often face. One should never feel frustrated if not gratified by the results at the end of the training session. Break dancing is energy and power; it always pays those who do their best to become better…

In my opinion, break dancing cannot be mastered at all; one can learn all the basic moves in break dancing, become a very good dancer and decide to stop dancing assuming he has learned everything. However, if he continues to train, he will certainly perfect his moves and even invent new ones. One cannot master break dancing; he can only develop in this unique activity.

Break dancing can be practiced not only in the dance studio; if one has the will to dance, he can dance whenever and wherever he wants – at home, in the street, at school, at disco clubs, on the plaza… anywhere… One can always break if he feels oppressed, lonely or angry about something. In that way one can escape from the daily routine by entering a new realm of sounds, physical activity, shouts and applause.

Break dancers’ attitudes towards awards also contribute to the unique nature of the dance itself. Breakers do not care about winning the first place; well, of course, they keep that in mind. What they most want is to go to a certain place not to compete for the awards, but to present themselves – their styles and unique tricks. Meeting friends, new and old ones, is inevitable. If breakers succeed in performing their moves and dance routines well, the audience will notice that and start admiring them and enjoying the show they make on the dance floor. The audience’s respect and admiration – isn’t that the most important thing for a dancer?

Moreover, this unique type of sport isn’t designated only for teenagers. I have seen people over 30 to get freaky, and babies are the cutest of all. Age isn’t a problem – sex, too. It also doesn’t matter what kind of moves and tricks you are able to do. You can present everything from the basic six-step to  the head spin, from air flares to some cool somersaults – all that matters is how you’ll feel the music at the right time. People are different; everybody has a different style and on the dance floor, everybody represents himself, but mainly his soul and feelings. In addition, music is one of the most beautiful creations in the world; that’s why the combination of sounds, rhythm, applause and feelings has the power to make everybody dance, rock and feel free. Break dancing can reveal your own soul; you can kill all the negativity that’s disturbing your mind and show the people that you’re afraid of nothing. Using the great power of music and break dancing, you can spread your wings and fly away.

If someone dares to ask: “What’s the whole point of that rolling on the floor?”

My answer will be: “What’s the whole point of you standing there in the crowd looking at me. Come along. Dance. Talks begin in the end, my friend.”




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