“One ring to rule them all,…,and in the darkness bind them”

I would like you, dear reader, to imagine something.

Imagine that you have just found a “ring”, like the One in “The Lord of the Rings”. Imagine that henceforth you have the ability to do whatever you want. I mean imagine that you can break the Law and act as you wish whenever you want to. Imagine that you are not an ordinary person anymore. Imagine that you have become the most powerful man in the whole world.

Imagine that you have become a God…

If you have imagined all I asked you, tell me what you would choose:

>> To be a good God that will help people and try to make the planet a better place to live. A “good” God that won’t feel any difficulty in solving problems such as poverty, global warming, famine, drought, deforestation and so on. A good God that will not make people hate, but love each other as a family.


>> To be an evil God, harboring some sort of grudge against every single person, that will torment and kill people purposelessly. An evil God that will entertain himself by taking human lives or just overlooking people despise and suffer. An evil God that will make this planet a realm worse than Hell.

What would you use your special powers for?

I am sure a lot of you will say they would act justly and punish only the real bad guys. However, I am not sure about one thing – do you really believe yourselves? Don’t you have some doubts about your current state of mind and your state of mind afterwards? Would you be able to handle your ego upon realizing that fear and pain doesn’t exist for you anymore?

If you, wearing that little ring on your forefinger, succeed in taking control over your feelings and mind from the very beginning without causing any damage to the universe, you – my friend – are truly a good person who shall inevitably be recognized and awarded by a higher being.

Here are some thoughts on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy which might help you get the true message of the post.

People assume a certain degree of power legitimately by the census of a society as in politics, or illegitimately as consequence from an armed rebellion or fraud. A person who has legitimately or illegitimately acquired power has more rights than a normal citizen, becomes a representative of his nation and has to fulfill its wishes or, at least, is supposed to do so. Watching the movie I realized there were bad people who craved power to use it selfishly and good-natured ones who when obtaining the one ring that could make them Gods instead of using it for the good of all, got themselves self-hypnotized and intentionally or unintentionally caused harm to satisfy their ego. I began to wonder why power had the ability to influence even the most benevolent and evil-free people into becoming monsters. Real life examples are politicians who become corrupt and egoistic and poor people who are given the chance to start better lives, but who, instead of becoming generous and impersonal to their counterparts, as many poor people have done, act superior and self-important. Probably there is a part of the human essence that is extremely fickle.

By “God” I mean a person who has acquired “special powers”, or rights/privileges to the extent of a real God.

I speculate that most people turn into evil Gods because they have not achieved a significant psychological development at the point when given special powers. What do I mean? I mean that when a person ruminates over his past, he recollects more negative than positive memories. This process is true because there is a part of the brain called hypothalamus [! Not sure about the name! Check the book “Emotional Intelligence” by D. Goleman], which naturally induces the person to access bad memories. Thus, the person grows more and more infamous toward the one or the thing that caused pain and suffering to him sometime in the past; if the individual is aware of his psyche at that key moment, he will realize that to terminate the influence of the hypothalamus he just has to block all negative memories and try to recall positive ones. If the person cannot realize he should stop pondering over his negative memories, he will enter, as I said, a state of being evil, and seek revenge in turn. A desire for punishment will surface, because the God would like to avenge to those who once mistreated him. Therefore, when a person is about to become a “God” and he hasn’t accomplished some kind of self-awareness, he will certainly become wicked and use his “powers” selfishly instead of altruistically.

The second reason most people become evil and egoistic when they acquire special powers is that with the greater powers, fewer restrictions are. I really believe that a person’s psyche changes dramatically with the presence or absence of certain restrictions. The mental reset, however, might take an indefinite period of time. For example, a person who is in an urgent need of money and wants to preserve his work/position will play respectful towards his boss and his unfair treatment and excessive demands. However, if this person wins the lottery and obtain millions of dollars he will not be afraid to beat up his boss and offer some compensation, eventually. During the Roman Empire death served as entertainment; whereas, nowadays human rights are. Moving on a higher level we see that many people worship God and try to perform good deeds only; I wonder what would happen if the ideas of Heaven and Hell didn’t exist. In the case of a person who somehow obtains a massive amount of rights and power, reaching a God-like status, what makes this person abandon his good human nature to become an advocate or creator of evil is the absence of any restrictions. If there is something God cannot have, that is barriers.