I live in a small village; in order to reach the nearest city, I had to travel the distance of 7-8 kilometers. I first wanted my father to take me to the city, but later I decided to do it on my own. I got up early one morning, took my bike and off I went.

That was something I have never done before. I was afraid of a vehicle hitting me. I was also afraid of causing problems to other drivers till I reach my destination in the city, because I was going to cycle on the streets, not on the pavement.

I did what I wanted, in the end. Now, I am in front of my computer, next my bike, writing this post. Though, the amount of carbon dioxide in my lungs has significantly increased, I am content.

I know that many of you have always wanted to try doing certain things, and not done in order not to look stupid, funny or inferior in the eyes of other people. Henceforth, you have to know that you can do whatever you feel like doing and neglect other people’s opinion. Something that not many people have done or do cannot be rendered silly, funny, or inferior just because not everyone does it.

When I reached the end of my journey I felt happy, not because I saved roughly 2 lv or 1 dollar for fuel, helped the environment absorb less CO2, 🙂 , but because I did something new that I wanted. Now, I feel able to do much more other new things. Also, I don’t wonder why there are organizations that teach people how to walk on fire.

Something that you have never done can impact you. You might change personally or learn something new like, knowledge or activity. I, for example, realized the importance of cycle paths and fresh air and even acquainted myself with few basic driving rules [I do not have a driving license yet].  I once again realized the applicability of bikes in our modern world.

If you want to go green, save money or do sport, take a bike.

Don’t believe what others tell you; check it out yourself.

Now it’s November 19, 2010 and I have traveled to the city tens of times so far. I have got into the habit of getting on my bike and setting off instead of taking the bus. When I go to the city by car the journey lasts for several minutes only – a short time gap I fill with listening to the radio; whereas, on my bike I have the opportunity to enjoy every second of my journey without the need of music since I carry my favorite songs in my mind.

I recently acquired a very precious thought that relates to the importance of trying new things. It says: ” I’m very happy because of the activities I do for they provide me with joy, fulfillment, motivation, inspiration,etc and make my life seem wonderful and my future so bright. What would have happened to me, my life and future if I had never discovered the activities I do now. <Now the key part> What will happen to me, my life and future if there are other activities that will provide me with even more joy, fulfillment, motivation, inspiration,etc that I haven’t discovered yet… “

If you have asked yourself those questions you are probably aware of the importance of trying new things. If not, ask yourself those questions and feel free to explore.