I recently read a book called “A Certain Age” and felt like releasing a statement to all girls or women who prefer to be financially than emotionally secure.

The book tells a story about a beautiful woman who is in urgent need of marrying a wealthy husband in order to begin the life of her dreams. She believes the money she earns isn’t enough which isn’t true since basically she spends every dollar on new clothes, shoes, hairstyle, pedicure, manicure, and white wine – her favorite drink. It appears to me that because of the ample enhancements in her physical appearance and the constant going out on dates, often blind, twenty-four seven, she neglects her physical health. For instance, she sleeps less than five hours at night not to lose a date and a potential husband in turn; her meals consist of drinks mainly, alcoholic drinks and no serious food. She looks slim having sport once a week, though.

She has so many acquaintances but cannot find a candidate for marriage among them. It is important to mention that most of the men she dates are 15 to 20 years older than she is. The reason she isn’t successful in her search is that the men she goes out with have already had two or three weddings and are not looking  for serious relationships, but for opportunities to satisfy their libidos.

Poor Florence; regardless of her beautiful name and look, a terrible fate awaits her.

Except for not being financially secure Florence isn’t emotionally secure, too. The lifestyle she leads and the duplicitous well-off people she meets have made her feel superior to the rest of the people. However, her acquaintances only make her bear the feeling of high social status; in reality Florence is humbler than anyone else. She has no real friends who to share her deepest feelings with and receive support. She is well aware of her lack of close friends, especially when she spends time alone in her relatively wretched apartment.

I really identify with Florence; she is a warm and truthful person, though she has a mask to take on for every occasion. The only thing I disapprove of her is that she, along with many other women, expects to be given what she needs without making any effort.  If she had had dreams unrelated to money and fame, she would have been better off.

All female individuals should be aware that ceasing to follow the money is a way to avoid dying alone.

P.S.: I feel fortunate I have never experienced what it is to be dumped by your girlfriend because a richer guy has recently arrived in the neighborhood or whatever else. : ]