The writing contains my opinion about extraterrestrial life and other phenomena. I do not have any hard evidence to support my viewpoints; I am rather speculative than objective judging from the numerous documentaries I have watched. I am a firm believer of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The vastness of the universe we, the inhabitants of planet Earth live in, is beyond doubt. No one will argue that there are billions of stars and planets in outer space. Then, why are there still people who doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life? Lack of good evidence is probably the cause.



Scientists have been searching for extraterrestrial life for years. SETI – The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – has examined hundreds of stars and is still waiting for answers from other creatures. Since we are sending messages in outer space, why aren’t they being answered? I believe aliens get our messages; however, they do not want to answer them yet. Do you wonder why? I think one of the reasons they are not “paying attention” to our signals yet is that they do not feel we are ready to establish a contact with them. Think about it, we live in a world full of violence and many people do immoral and illegal actions influenced by money, fame or power. If we cannot live peacefully by eliminating all our bad thoughts and make our minds think rationally, aren’t we going to endanger the lives of visitors from space, too? I mean that if aliens visit planet Earth and set up a contact with us, there will be people, inhabitants from planet Earth, who will do everything to get hold of the technology of the alien visitors because, be sure friends, aliens will be hundreds, if not millions, of years more technologically advanced than we are and are going to be at their arrival. After all, aliens come from some distant part of the universe, don’t they?

Aliens’ means of transportation

I cannot say if aliens are able to travel though space and time or if they use portals everywhere in the universe.

Judging from the many films I have watched, I suppose that aliens travel with the so called flying saucers; also, there have been many cases in which people have seen cigar-shaped UFOs, triangular, spherical or, my favorite, “V”-shaped spacecrafts [Phoenix Lights]. UFOs differ in size and shape. I do not have any knowledge about how alien spaceships are propelled and what they are made of. Many eyewitnesses claim that the spacecrafts they have encountered had neither smoke nor sound coming out them. I think alien ships use some kind of renewable energy such as solar energy or magnetic forces. Hundreds of military officers deny the existence of aliens or flying saucers because, as they say, they have never seen or detected any mysterious objects near their military bases or on their radars. Well, Americans have designed stealth fighters that can also fly under radars. I believe that alien spaceships have the ability to become invisible both to the human eyes and radar instruments.

The Word of the Government

Some people have always argued that if there were extraterrestrial life outside our planet, governments would announce the truth to their nations. Many think that since NASA is exploring the universe, NASA will report if aliens really are. NASA, however, haven’t done it yet, and thus many people are skeptical about the existence of extraterrestrial life. I have several things to say about NASA and their space missions.

Firstly, I believe NASA is aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe. There is much footage depicting unidentified objects traveling with or circling NASA’s spaceships which footage is neglected as junk or media defects. Though, I am sure NASA, in collaboration with the government of the USA, does not feel like talking about aliens yet. I think NASA needs much more evidence of extraterrestrial inhabitants, which is reasonable, in order to give a speech about the issue.

Secondly, I think that most governments in the world do not want to tell their nations and the rest of the world about the existence of aliens somewhere in the Universe because that revelation might turn out to be a total disaster. Many people claim they have been abducted by aliens and are very afraid of such creatures. The truth might trigger fear in many earth inhabitants and even have a negative impact on different religions.

Have There Been Any Abductions in the History of Mankind?

I think there have been an innumerable number of alien abductions. I also think that authorities publicly neglect the possibility of alien abductions because they legitimately do not want to popularize the fact. Our governments are probably protecting us from the fear of being abducted we might struggle with everyday.

Another important thing about alien abductions is that people might never know if they have ever been abducted some time in their lives. That is plausible because abductees might be given drugs that delete their latest memories. One can determine if he has been abducted if he has no memory of what he has been doing the last several hours of his life and has lost track of time.

There have also been found unknown materials/objects in many people’s bodies. People have head their alien implants removed in surgeries performed by a few people capable of doing it like Dr. Roger Leir. I believe that the functions of the implants removed from many human bodies are to collect data on the individual’s mind and body processes since these implants have been found to be connected with a human’s body by biological tissue growing out of the metal.

How do I know if have an alien implant at the moment?

Why Would Aliens Want to Abduct Earth Inhabitants?

I don’t think aliens need humans as subjects of some kind of experiments of theirs. I think aliens abduct people for two reasons.
Firstly, visitors from space help certain people by abducting and getting them to undergo medical operations with zero intention of harming, and only healing their abductees, though the abductees might not feel their health is unstable.

I suppose that sometimes aliens covertly or overtly abduct people in order to make other people who overlook the existence of extraterrestrial life realize they should stop mocking the fact and think deeper about aliens. Of course, aliens’ targets for “educational abduction” are not everyday people who live happily and peacefully, but people who deserve in some way to be abducted, not tortured, just exposed to seeing another kinds of creatures and reality – for example, the atmosphere of an alien spacecraft with three small gray large-eyed creatures. As I said, some of the aliens’ abductees might not remember ever being kidnapped in a spaceship, but their unconscious will, and eventually the abductees will unconsciously change their attitudes towards alien beings.

Are There “Good” or “Bad” Aliens?

I believe all aliens are good-natured. Some alien species see the potential for constant spiritual and technological development of the inhabitants of planet Earth. These aliens want to collaborate with us in our exploration of the Universe.

Alien species are, though benevolent, who perceive the Earth’s citizens as small curious harmful creatures that are possible to bring about a lot of trouble and therefore do not deserve external help. Therefore, we have show them we deserve to live, create, and explore.

Crop Circles

I can only wonder what these intricate shapes, as if stamped on the field, mean. I think these images which have appeared all over the world especially in Great Brittan and the USA are either forms of communication, messages or donations of knowledge made by alien beings. I believe something is encoded in these amazing circles. Crop circles have been studied by few scientists and other people; a revelation was made that some of the images are guides to new mathematical concepts and provide humans with new mathematical solutions.

Many people are skeptical that crop circles are works of art by some extraterrestrial beings. I can say that on the place where crop formations occur plants and even people are affected in an incredible way. For example, amateurs who attempt to express their creativity on the field have always crushed the stalks of the crops. Whereas, aliens have induced the stems of plants to bend without breaking and grow in that manner. As far as I know, when a plant is bend by the wind, a plant hormone, auxin, is produced that forces the plant’s stem to stand upright and thus grow toward light. The soil where crop formations have appeared has been found to differ in molecular structure from that of the soil outside the crop circle. Also, when bread produced from wheat from a crop circle and a normal field was compared it appeared different in taste.

Crop Circles are also sources of energy. Many people who have visited the extraterrestrial works of art have felt extremely energetic and internally calm while being in the circles. Others, unfortunately, didn’t feel so well while in a crop circle. It is highly possible that crop formations emanate some kind of electric forces, because many people had their electric equipment malfunction inside a circle.

UFO Paintings

There is a sufficient amount of ancient paintings depicting objects which most resemble alien spacecrafts and flying saucers. For example, in the “The Baptism of Christ” 1710 there is an easily discernible disc-shaped craft. Other paintings describing scenes from the Bible make me wonder if there is a connection between the inhabitants of planet Earth and extraterrestrial beings. Planet Earth has probably been subject to exploration from early history.

UFO Crashes

Hundreds of UFO crashes have happened, though we might have heard only about few of them like the Roswell and Kecksburg UFO incident. There isn’t hard evidence that being of another planet had been involved in the crashes; only eyewitness accounts are. In fact, the government changed its official statements concerning the incidents several times. We are well aware that when a person is frequently changing his story when interrogated, he is probably lying.

It is important to mention why UFOs crash taking the aliens’ technological advances into account. I believe UFOs crash for two reasons.

Firstly, is there a better way to drive attention than crashing a spacecraft on the ground? Judging by the 9/11 attacks this method was very successful. The first reason is that aliens are trying to make us conscious of their existence. I think that the spacecrafts which hit earth are some old models aliens want to get rid of. The crews of these “suicide crafts” certainly consist of robots which have entered the last stage of their life cycle and are in need of nobody.

Secondly, Aliens send their old ships on a collision course with the Earth so that we, the humans, would take advantage of the “new and foreign technology” and try to reverse engineer it. There are probably engineers and scientist who are working on new types of machines with entirely different propelling systems because of the dreams they pursue or because of the wreckage the government has requested them to inspect. I don’t believe that such a new product will be released in the near future because we have a relative large amount of oil to use up, haven’t we. Oil companies would have bankrupted if it wasn’t the ban of the electric car, too.

Here, I would like to mention about John Searl who invented an Inverse-Gravity Vehicle in the 1960s. His invention utilizes no fuel except for renewable energy that comes from the Earth. Unfortunately, the invention he dedicated years to create and in turn make the world a better place was confiscated by an electric company blaming John Searl to have been bypassing his electricity meter. I think that Searl experienced the indisputable words of the more elevated. After all, John Searl was basically alone, and the repugnance of the oil and electric companies as well as the government’s was growing and somebody had to take actions.

Many people might still wonder why aliens do not come up and land on Earth so that everyone could behold them. Why should aliens wreck their spaceships into earth or form circles in fields trying to educate us silently? I think the reason is that we are not ready for this as the Taliban aren’t ready for foreign troops to tell them what to do.

The Image of an Alien Being

Aliens have been depicted as humanoid creatures with large eyes, tiny mouths and noses, ultimately green or grey bodies.
I dispute that the description above applies to aliens. However, I do not dispute that the description applies to the servants of the alien beings – their robots.

I would state that there is a big chance of aliens looking almost the same as humans.
Firstly, I believe that the green or gray creatures which travel with flying saucers are some kind of robots though made of tissue and no solid metal. I know that nowadays scientists are attempting to construct robots with wires and metal; why don’t aliens, who are more advanced than we, since they first found us, made their robots of tissue-like substances.

Secondly, not a single alien being would like to be involved in a flying saucer wreck into the Earth just to draw some attention which attention will be so rapidly absorbed by the government that it won’t reach enough people.

Thirdly, I suppose that aliens dispatch robots to go on missions to Earth, because aliens might not be able to withstand traveling at the speed of light. I presume flying saucers and other machines of that kind, travel extremely fast since there isn’t intelligent life on the planets in the solar system and aliens have to come from a very distant place in zero time. Possibly, aliens disintegrate as a human would while traveling in their advanced ships. Also, if aliens do not want to waste any time carrying on a research about certain aspects of Earth, they would send robots.
I also do not exclude the possibility of aliens having the knowledge to bend space and time and create shortcuts in the universe and teleport to Earth from time to time.

WHY I Believe In Extraterrestrial Intelligence

I believe it is a matter of time everyone of us has a close encounter with aliens. Those people who have seen and captured real flying saucers have experienced what skeptics haven’t. I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life because of the vastness of the universe, the hundreds of crop circles all over the world, the great amount of testimony I have heard, the numerous videos depicting real UFOs video editors reported as fake, and the extremely rightful sentence pronounced by millions of people whose words have been neglected or considered insane:


Just look at the sentence carefully and imagine its applicability in your life.

Truth really is that if you haven’t seen something, that doesn’t render it nonexistent.

Mind, for example, that if you aren’t able to have a stick broken onto your stomach, some Chinese people can, and if you still do not believe in the existence of Chi energy, go visit the Shaolin Temple.