I ride and ride and ride,
Till day switches with night.
Off I go without a destination,
Just craving relaxation.

As if sitting on the back of a bird,
I wander exploring the world.
Regardless of weather,
I move through hot and cold
And haven’t felt better.

Weary I often get
When riding uphill.
Descending, however,
I enter a state of hysteria,
Almost breaking the sound barrier.

My bike serves as an energy provider
As if showing respect towards his driver.
All cars look at me and grin,
I smile seeing them stand still, for I know
They haven’t had their liquid power meal.

I feel I become one with my bike.
It’s hard to describe it,
But very easy to feel it.
All you have to do is find a bike
And join me on the two-wheel hike.

Clutch at the handlebars,
Feet on the pedals;
It’s time for us to shoot some stars
Or win a few medals.