I like listening to hip-hip and rap music, because I enjoy the rhythm very much. I have listened to these types of music since I was 13. When I was young I knew too little English to understand the songs I listened to; now the picture is different – I understand the explicit language most rappers use in their songs along with their songs’ ideas and that kills my motivation to enjoy the type of music. Most rappers sing about money, power, sex, the offensive word for woman (plural), drugs, etc. Also, some rappers create songs which are intended to offend certain gangs or members of gangs. Thus, most rap songs I pretty much enjoyed listening and dancing to have become revolting and meaningless for me now when I get the lyrics. Since I am proponent of the idea that you are not only what you eat, but also what you think, I cannot bear repeating the lyrics.

I know a few artists, fortunately, who have created both meaningful and amazing songs for life, discrimination, politics and more. Now I am looking for such meaning hip-hop and rap music that’s difficult to find.

I came up with an idea of how to continue listening and making moves with my head and breaking to hip-hop and rap music – Listen to music in a language different from Bulgarian and English. It really works; I now listen to French hip-hop artists whose songs I don’t get at all, but really enjoy the rhythm and the way they pronounce words unknown to me.

Yeah, I know – I won’t dare turning the volume up too much if in France.

; )