I have done many sports in my life – football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, running, parkour, street fitness and badminton – but I haven’t enjoyed myself more than when break dancing. Break dancing has given me more than happiness, because it was through this activity that I learnt valuable lessons and acquired qualities essential for a happy successful life.

August 2006 I saw break dancing in a few movies and video clips. I was extremely motivated to learn break dancing and my interest grew bigger with time.

Breakers have always appeared to me as some funky people doing amazing things with their bodies that the audience enjoys watching. Break dancing has turned out to be an absolutely extraordinary type of dance. For example, you see breakers not only in music videos and ads, but also in musicals and even in action, comedies and sci-fi movies. Nowadays, you can see that a great deal of choreographers allow breakers to perform along with ballet dancers and the combination is deadly successful. Break dancing is a revolution in dance; I mean ballet dancers have been doing moves known for centuries, regardless of how perfectly they do it; whereas, a breaker gets on stage without bearing any choreography in mind and doing some innovative and inhuman moves showing physical strength and agility which makes viewers’ mouths drop open.

“A lot of dancers stay exactly the way they are; they are not allowed to evolve or use anything else. Breaking is unique the way it’s all fit together; it’s just like the ultimate dance since you can take from everywhere but you just have to put bboy flavor on it” – Ken Swift [Planet Bboy] said.

Why break dancing’s my favorite? The dance is a combination of sport and music.

The sport, like all the ones I have done, gave me the opportunity to be part of an imaginary world I have enjoyed most so far. When I found my place in the break dance world I began to realize how good I felt in it. When break dancing I forget about all the worrying thoughts that have been haunting me during the day; thus, I reduce the stress in me, refresh my thoughts, reboot my mind and thus give my brain the chance to have a little rest. Also, break dancing makes my mind start thinking of feelings; I mean that when break dancing I think of joy, confidence, fulfillment, of mental and physical strength, of motivation with such intensity that in the end I capture these positive feelings in my mind and move on striving for the realization of my dreams, especially those related to filmmaking and education. Faith in me and my capabilities becomes greater.

Break dancing as a sport is very difficult for me to learn, because I am a tall boy who has to use much effort to move through space and time, especially when trying to defy gravity by doing somersaults. I get exhausted faster when dancing than when doing other sports. Becoming a great breaker is a challenge for me, but it’s pleasant and fulfilling since it helps me replace fear and doubts with strength and confidence. Every new move or somersault [I see parkour as part of break dancing] I learn makes me feel extraordinary and influences me in an extraordinary way. The very first moment I realize my goal (for example, to land perfectly on my feet while doing a new somersault), I enter, what athletes call “the Zone” or feel what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “Flow”. I feel a flow of energy that spreads throughout my body along with immense fulfillment and mental strength. I receive all this as if from the mother Earth which has been with me all the time and has seen how hard-working and dedicated I am. After hundreds of moments dedicated to learning a certain move I feel winged and my psyche changes dramatically – from a state of believing that “few things are possible in this complicated world” to “nothing’s impossible in this wondrous magical world”. I feel strong enough to be alive and crush all that will befall me in the future.

Dancing necessitates music, and music is also a part of break dancing that pulled me out the crowd to hit the dance floor. Music plays an important role in my life, because it, like break dancing, makes me think of positive feelings and contributes to my spiritual growth [the latter relates to New-age music, or relaxation, meditation, chill-out, ambient music]. A nice beat, for example, stretches out a wire from the speakers; the wire passes nearby me as if allowing me to decide whether to become wired or stand still. Of course, I choose to wire myself with the magical wire and realize that the magical wire consists of energy which spreads throughout my body inducing me to dance in order to continue being wired and receiving the warm energy and the positive feelings which flow into my body. When I jump on the dance floor and start dancing, I began feeling the aforementioned feelings break dancing makes me and when the combination of music and dance is on, a new feeling adds to the rest – harmony. With the last feeling’s manifestation, I am ready to feel am in, what you call, Heaven or closer to God.

What about break dance battles? I have two things to say. Firstly, I am willing to battle with novice breakers as well as advanced ones. I am not afraid of any opponent because I am not afraid of having my ass kicked since I perceive dance battles not as a punch-free emotional fights, as they normally are, but as a way to have great fun with someone else. Secondly, I am oversatisfied to have battles with my own self meaning to try and learn new moves, improve old ones and show some creativity in all my sets; I care about personal and physical development when breaking.

Because of break dancing I am fearless of falling down in both a physical and mental state. I have learnt to get back on my feet after falling down on the ground. Because of the 3 severe injuries I have had thanks to break dancing I have acquired the traits of resilience and self-motivation. Because of the dance moves and somersaults and much time, effort, willpower and faith dedication, and consequent experience of the flow of energy, I have learnt to think that impossible is NOTHING; my attitude towards new activities has begun to be always positive – I remain confident enough that I will eventually be successful in the new sphere (whether a new type of sport or job) by rising to the challenges it presents.

One more thing about breaking that I shouldn’t miss mentioning is that I have a strong desire for dancing because breaking cannot be mastered. I mean that a breaker develops and improves his abilities constantly. A breaker never reaches a point when he has learnt everything and cannot go further. This is great because the mind is never fully satisfied with past achievements, and is always looking for new goals and challenges to pursue. Flares and air flares aren’t the final stage of development in break dancing; there is and always will be more to learn and invent as long as you invoke your creativity. These characteristics of break dancing, life-long learning and development, I expect to find in my life and career as a filmmaker, and I certainly will.

Regardless of the material possessions you will offer to me in return for my giving up break dancing, I will never accept the deal. I don’t want your money or whatever else, because I want my self-made stress-free imaginary reality, my fountain of invigorating feelings. For break dancing is part of my psychological wealth, and I mostly care about the positive energy inside my body, along with my healthy evolving soul.