Music in the darkness,
Bass and lights in the background,
Emotions so profound
That I start to feel dance-bound.

I become wired to the beat
And start moving my feet –
Top rock, six-step, three-step,
Windmill on my back, freeze!
The music doesn’t cease its pleasant tease.

I become mesmerized,
Fully hypnotized,
And perform moves
In accordance with the beat’s rules.

DJ changes the disk,
But keeps swaying the mix
As I show some new tricks
In an attempt to energize the crowd
And make others step on the dance floor
To continue the show.

Drugged by music and intense emotions
Which invade even my subconscious
To extend this sound drug’s effect
Long after the dancing’s set,
I gain energy and strength
To write, shoot and break
Through miserable times of great length.

Even when my life’s at stake,
I shall continue to break,
Forever and ever,
To survive in this world of fake.