I am tidying up my drawer – useless old papers, scratch notes and notebooks redolent of the last four high-school years I prepare for recycling.

I have no desire to think of the school and educational system I see as more tradition than innovation-oriented – a system more likely to perpetuate your mistakes than your small steps toward success.

Score reports and unsuccessful admission letters catch my eye and send me back in the past. I suppress memories of failure to invoke the ones of great life-changing lessons.

And smile.

It might not be Liberal Arts education in the USA.

It might not be career-preparation education in the UK.

But the fact I have an empty drawer is enough for me to realize that I have won the battle for true knowledge, experienced rites of passage and taken a path straight to success, to happiness, to God.

A path of fearlessness of failure and of death,
A path of no surrender,
A brand-new path of realization of dreams.
A completely new life is awaiting me and I’m ready to turn over the leaf.

Lyd and Joro,
Thank you for helping me discover a better life path.