The definition of “belonging”.

Longman English Dictionary of Contemporary English defines belonging as “feeling happy and comfortable in a place or situation, because you have the same interests and ideas as other people”. There isn’t anything wrong with this definition; I am just going to dig into it and write about the spirituality of belonging.

Every single person belongs to one or more things either consciously or unconsciously.

It can be all forms of union – a family, tribe, sports club, company, organization, etc; it also can be a place – a house, city, country and more. Even close friends, especially loved ones, and people who dance, work, study, train, eat, smoke, etc. together can be said to form some kind of bonds between one another which make them unconsciously bind in a sacred union.

Nature is one of the places I belong to. I really feel happy and comfortable when walking in a park, mountain or grove full of foliage. I’ve begun asking myself what in particular makes me feel so happy and comfortable when in nature and the answer I found satisfies me for now. When in nature I somehow feel part of every tree, bush, shadow and bird, the sun and the sky; I walk barefoot to establish a better contact with the grassy ground. I feel close to every person sitting on a bench or walking towards me. I greet them all. While some look surprised, others do not wish to respond, third see greeting the unknown person as pretty normal.

I sense that behind the act of conscious or unconscious belonging lies my strong desire to be part of something bigger, alone or along with other people, and when part of it, I feel part of something powerful beyond the material world.

Could it be that I’m just a human and nature-lover? I think the act of belonging isn’t just a thought which brings positive feelings. I sense that in every act of belonging there is some transfer of energy between the belongers (especially loved ones) and what they belong to. I really hope the act of belonging can open a new world for existence and that it isn’t an illusion in the mind, a product of imagination.

The ultimate thing to belong to.

I reached the conclusion that the biggest thing I can belong to, or feel part of, is the universe and the nature, the humans and the energy that lie within. I believe that there are energetic bonds between every single material and immaterial object within the universe, including humans, good and evil. The problem is that a great deal of these bonds are weakened and mostly disrupted because of our selfish deeds and ignorance. Therefore, if we want to be truly part of everything, we have to show love even to what we hate and what we desire to free our worlds from. Instead of desperately trying to avoid something or someone, I think we had better confront it and try to get the suppressed good in that someone or something to prevail over the evil one.

I wonder what would happen if we all established strong connections between ourselves, our planet and the universe, and everyone showed utmost love to everyone else? Well, heaven would certainly come down to Earth.