Your thoughts can negatively influence your happiness and health.

It’s important to know that your thoughts control your behavior. The thoughts you nurture are accompanied by emotions which in turn affect your behavior. When you realize that negative thoughts make you angry, upset, fearful, etc. instead of invoking them again and again, you must replace the bad memories or expectations with positive thoughts that energize you. Thus, you can remain mentally and physically healthy and prevent stress from disrupting your body’s internal processes (digestion, cell growth, cell repair, etc). The more you can influence your thoughts, the healthier you’ll be. Good health will in turn allow you to have a successful career and strong relationships with others.

Search for the initial source of your problems.

If you want to find the best solution to your emotional problems, it’s important to look for the underlying reasons. A great way to achieve this is to sit down somewhere quiet, close your eyes and begin asking yourself the questions you need answered. You won’t get an immediate response so be prepared to wait. You may come up with some sort of explanations in the beginning but don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you’ve discovered the true reason for your uneasiness. The real reason is often hard to unearth because of the many experiences you will have had during the day, the previous day or month. Be patient and continue to observe the train of thoughts in your head.

Analyse your negative emotions to understand where they stemmed from.

Sometimes, it’s extremely helpful to break your negative thoughts down into small pieces in order to understand them better and discover solutions faster. For example, you may one day find yourself feeling unhappy. In reality, you might be feeling guilt and frustration which act simultaneously to make you feel unhappy. Once you successfully divide your negative emotions into separate feelings, it will become easier to work on each feeling individually. Next, make the changes necessary for your life to get better or for you to be happy internally (quit a job, end a relationship, find a new hobby, etc). If the solution is out of your control, let go of everything you have no control over and try to adapt. Adaptation is usually achieved by bringing something new into your life. Adaptation is hampered by trying to change what’s already in the past, or just craving the past to become present again.

Why practice conscious thinking?


Practicing conscious thinking will make you more self-aware. Your communication and decision-making skills will dramatically improve as a result. You will find a job that you love and be friends with people you really like. In the long run, greater awareness will help you become a better pilot of your life.