I finished work at 17.30, cycled back home, had dinner and went out to Beckett Park in Headingley at 18.30 to do a street workout focusing on triceps.

Afterwards, I moved to sunlit spot slightly overlooking the park. I sat on the grass, propped my back against a tree and put my music on. Sunlight was falling straight at my face. I felt relaxed and closed my eyes. Blackness had a happy orange tint…

When I opened my eyes, my surroundings looked different for some reason. Nothing seemed still. Everything was as if dancing. Every little movement in the scenery – jogger passing, father talking his child, tennis player servicing, birds crossing above, wind caressing the leaves – appeared to be in sort of tune with the music I was listening to. My eyes felt like an ultimate choreographer.

For me, it was soothing and even energizing to observe my surroundings listening to music with the sun shining gently at my face.

I thought I should do this more often. And I certainly will. I now understand why cycling home after work I was singing –

I’m covering my ears like a kid
Cuz today I’ve earned 52 quid,
And the sun is still shining after five
Giving me the chance to enjoy my life!