On 22 April 2013, I got a job as Marketing Data Entry Assistant. My main responsibility was to list clothing products following a specific Excel template, add information about the products such as size, color, description, barcode, material composition and price, and upload the finished Excel document on Amazon. During my first two weeks at work, the job felt rather boring and laborious. Soon afterwards, however, I realized a few exciting aspects of the work I was doing and my attitude changed.

Data Entry

I realized data entry involved a degree of creativity. I saved lots of time and effort once I began managing data in bulk and finally met my daily targets. I’m now always motivated to think of other creative approaches when listing products to further increase my speed.

Data entry was a process that also brought me satisfaction, a sense of achievement and, to be honest, a sense of control because the job involved putting things together and creating a sort of order. I mean I was given the necessary information about the products and all I had to do was to organize it in an Excel document in a specific way.

Creation was at the core of my job, too. Data entry was also about building, creating something that served a greater purpose. I mean that every cell of information I am provided with could be perceived as a brick that is to be used in the making of a structure such as the completed Excel upload file. The realization made my job more fulfilling.