I have a special relationship with music. In short, music helps me connect with humanity and life on a deeper level. The process is usually accompanied by movement that’s often in the form of dance. It’s mainly through dancing that I invite sound to run through my body and mind, and pull them closer to the universe so I hopefully get an ecstatic glimpse of divinity.

I really enjoy going out to dance. Unfortunately, I don’t know any people who like to go out specifically to dance; instead, they all go out to get more or less hammered. When I ask them if they’d like to go out dancing next Friday night, they do not seem to understand what I mean. The word “dancing” appears to be a foreign word they cannot comprehend.

To clarify, when I say I enjoy going out to dance, I mean I enjoy going to a bar or club in town to dance to the music being played along with others. Alcohol consumption isn’t essential, at least for me; plus, the sort of dancing I’m talking about here doesn’t have anything to do with getting off with women on the dance floor.

On June 14 I went to a karaoke party with a few of my colleagues and later joined my girlfriend and her friends in town. I found it discomforting to sit around a table with people who were drinking. It was also painful to listen to their conversations and attempt to participate. I was restless and energetic and all I wanted to do from the beginning of the night was to just dance. When I finally got the opportunity to do so, I became very happy.

In the days that followed, I wondered why I so strongly craved a dance floor and good music to dance to. I wanted to know my core motivations and drives. As usual, I tried to analyze my thoughts and figured out that in essence dancing for me is an act of gratitude towards the universe and a way of celebrating my life. Although not everything in my life is perfect, it is through dancing that I could still say, “Thank you universe, for all good things in my life.” Currently, for example, I’m very happy and grateful I’ve got a job, faithful girlfriend, supportive family, strong healthy body, roof over my head and food in the fridge as well as the level of personal development I’ve reached.

And if for me break dancing is more about expressing myself as well as regaining strength to overcome pain and continue pursuing my goals, “casual” dancing is more about celebrating the seemingly perfect things in my life.