The motherboard of my Packard-Bell laptop broke about three weeks ago, on 15 Sep 2013, the week my course’s final year began. I was gutted mainly because I no longer had the comfort of doing creative work such as video and image editing at home, and had to go to university to do this.

A few weeks later, however, I became aware of some of the benefits of not having a laptop. I had started to go to bed earlier, at 10 pm instead of 11.30 pm, feeling much more energetic on the next day! I had started to get up earlier too, at 06.30 am instead of 08.30 am (07.30 am if going to work) and found motivation to go for a street workout in Burley Park before uni or work instead of leaving it for after that. Now, I sometimes exercise two times a day, thus getting stronger and healthier! Having such a small lifestyle change has been amazing!

So stay positive next time your laptop breaks, or you lose something practical you’ve taken nearly for granted, because your life might become a little bit better without it!