I know this isn’t what I blog about usually but today I would like to tell you how I recovered all the data from my broken laptop. The reason I’m telling you this is because the method I used was surprisingly easy and money-saving, and I would like you to know about it in case your laptop gets irreparably damaged.

The motherboard of my laptop broke last month, at the start of my final academic year. I took it to a repair centre where IT technicians said they were unable to fix my laptop and advised me buy a new one.


I was determined to get my data back, however, so I asked uncle Google for advice. To my surprise, there was an easy solution.


I bought a thing called 2.5″ SATA External Enclosure for less than £5 online. I took the hard drive of my broken laptop out and plugged the external enclosure into it.





Then I put the case on and I had a portable external hard drive that I could link to another laptop via USB cable!