A good tattoo conveys a message.

I believe that the purpose of a tattoo is to reveal an important part of yourself. A good tattoo embodies meaning and speaks about your uniqueness. A bad tattoo is a patch of fancy artwork you get inked in your skin out of impulsiveness.

A good tattoo gets done on the body’s axis of symmetry.

That axis is a vertical line which divides the body into two equal parts. I think it’s best to have a tattoo done anywhere along that axis because otherwise the symmetry of the body would be visually affected. I mean that since the human body is symmetrical – we have two legs, two arms and two eyes, etc. each on both sides of the axis, and a head, a nose and a navel, etc. on the very axis – getting a tattoo done only on one side of the axis would create a visual unbalance. Symmetry is important because it creates holistic beauty.

A good tattoo is symmetrical.

A symmetrical tattoo done on a symmetrical spot would look like it’s part of your body as it would add to the symmetry of the body without disrupting it visually. A good symmetric tattoo on a symmetric spot is likely to be regarded as an indivisible part of the your body; a good or bad tattoo on a random place exists in distracting isolation and visually undermines the aesthetics of the human body. The size and colour of the tattoo are irrelevant.

A good tattoo reveals important information about you.

Lastly, if you cannot think of an artwork that embodies something life-changing that you’ve experienced or strongly feel like you belong to, I suggest you postpone the ink and re-discover yourself first.