Are you considering renting a property managed by Morgans City Living in Leeds? Want to know if they are a reliable letting agent? Let me share my experience with this rental company.

It’s been over a year me and my partner have lived in a one-bedroom flat managed by Morgans, at the price of £575 per month excluding bills. It’s a lovely little flat we’d happily live in for another year or two but wish Morgans and the landlord would treat us a bit better. Overall, however, it’s been a positive experience living in a Morgans home in Meanwood.

Morgans pressured us to sign the tenancy agreement ASAP.

A few days after viewing the property and expressing our interest in renting it, we were asked to pay a deposit of £863 to remove the property from the market:

1st month’s rent – £575
Agency fee – £114 per adult tenant
Guarantor fee – £60

It took us about a week to make the deposit. Meanwhile, we were reminded that we would otherwise lose the property. Fair enough.

A few weeks after paying the deposit, we were sent a contract to print and sign. We assumed we had secured the property and didn’t rush to sign the contract. Meanwhile, we were once again reminded that the flat will be remarketed unless we signed the agreement. A few days later, we signed and delivered the paperwork to their office in Headingley. It turned out we needed a guarantor signature because my annual income was too low (about £10k), despite my partner’s £21k salary alone. It took us another week to obtain a signature (and witnesses) from a guarantor who lived in a distant city up north. Meanwhile, we were given another deadline and threatened the property would be advertised back on the market. Although we paid the deposit and were finalizing the tenancy agreement, we were urged to hurry up via email and phone. Morgans explained they were just following the company’s standard procedures on prospective tenants.

A similar situation happened upon trying to renew the tenancy agreement at the end of our first year.

The landlord visits the property with little or no notice.

When something in the flat needs checking or repairing, the landlord would come promptly but without giving notice in advance. Our landlord is notorious for rocking up to carry out any requested repairs without making arrangements convenient for both sides. Not ideal if your partner works night shifts, right? Often, he would call us on today he, or a worker on his behalf, is coming. Imagine if you’re busy at home and someone unexpected arrives. We often felt our privacy was violated. Once, I got back from the supermarket to find the front door unlocked and a plumber working upstairs. I work from home most of the time so it’s incredibly distracting to have someone uninvited in the flat. We received no response from Morgans and the landlord on the issue.

Please note that the landlord may not be associated with Morgans and only hire them to manage his property portfolio.

Inventory items must remain in the property.

To free space in the living room, we requested the removal of a small table and one of the sofas. We explained we would feel better without those two items we hardly use. Unfortunately, Morgans were reluctant to remove any furniture from the flat unless advised by the landlord. If you were a letting agent / landlord, wouldn’t you try your best to keep your tenants as happy as possible?

So is Morgans City Living a good letting agent?

As a whole, me and my partner have had a great time living in a lovely flat managed by Morgans. In regards to maintenance issues, we found it more productive to speak directly with the landlord because the issues seemed to be addressed quicker if they didn’t go through a third-party letting agent like Morgans. We aren’t fully satisfied by the landlord’s service to us as tenants but we know it could be much worse.

I hope this post has been somewhat informative. I’d suggest researching the agent further as we haven’t had any major problems with the property, apart from the bath leaking into the neighbor downstairs on multiple occasions.