The cheapest pack of 20 cigarettes sold by ASDA costs £7.35 (36.8p each) as of October 5th, 2017.

According to the Office for National Statistics, people in the UK smoked 11 cigarettes a day on average in 2016.

Therefore, the minimum cost of smoking in the UK for 2016 was an average of:

  • £4 per day (36.8p x 11 cigs = £4.04) 
  • £121 per month (£4.04 x 30 days = £121.2)
  • £1454 per year (£121.2 x 12 months = £1454.4)

Imagine being able to save £120 a month and over £1450 a year without harming your body? What would you buy? Think of all the numerous ways you could spend those money and the amount of happiness you could bring to yourself and others?