On page 103 of Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, a remarkable book about what happens to us as souls after we die, there is a very interesting chart describing the color that souls of various maturity emit during their transitional period in the spirit world. The first column (Learning Stage) relates to the maturity of a soul, the second column (Kinetic Color Range) relates to the color projected by different souls as reported by the author’s subjects, and the third column (Guide Status) related to a soul’s potential to serve others.

Classification Model for Soul Development Levels

Learning Stage Kinetic Color Range Guide Status
Level I: Beginner White (bright and homogenous) None
Level II: Lower Intermediate Off-white (reddish, turning into yellow) None
Level III: Intermediate Yellow (solid, no traces of white) None
Level IV: Upper Intermediate Dark Yellow (a deep gold turning into blue) Junior
Level V: Advanced Light Blue (no traces of yellow, turning into purple) Senior
Level VI: Highly Advanced Dark Bluish-Purple (surrounded by radiant light) Master

Are you surprised? I thought white would denote highly advanced souls, yellow to denote beginner souls, and light blue intermediate ones. Purple is usually associated with loyalty, and I was intrigued to hear it radiates from highly advanced souls, perhaps those souls are the closest and most loyal to God. What are your thoughts?

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