I’ve adopted a new approach to using Instagram. On my exercise account @veggie_vlad visitors will now come across my top 12 videos only. These aren’t my most liked or most viewed videos but the content that I believe shows the best of my skills and uniqueness up to date as a calisthenics practitioner. Every time I post a new video, a previous one will be archived.

I decided to hide the rest of my “average” posts because I want followers to see the very best of me when they visit my profile. I haven’t posted anything shameful in the past, I just don’t want to overwhelm visitors with too much choice. I actually want them to have no choice but to open the videos that contain my best performances and most recent successes in bodyweight training (calisthenics).

Why 12? Not that I’m superstitious or have favourite numbers, I just think 12 squares (posts) fill in the screen nicely and provide me with enough space to showcase my abilities. Although I’m aware Instagram posts have a short lifespan, I’m not interested in posting numerous times a day to entertain and grow an audience. I don’t need an audience, I need a medium to express myself and possibly be discovered by those who wish to connect with me (usually my existing calisthenics mates and newly met people).

I don’t care how Instagram is meant to be used. I don’t want posting and checking Instagram to become a compulsion either. I do want to be part of the platform, though a rather passive one. I don’t want Instagram to become my life, I want real-life friends training together, celebrating and sharing each other’s fitness journey on Instagram.

What do you think of this selective approach to posting on IG? What does social media mean to you and would you ever consider adopting it? Comment your thoughts below.