I recently experienced glitches while editing a wedding video using Premiere Pro on my brand new Windows PC.

The glitches consisted of some shots playing faster than real time, skipping frames, or going a few frames backwards before continuing forward.

I thought the issue lay with either the pre-rendered video previews, the graphics card drivers or the software installation. None of these were the problem.

I resolved the glitches somewhat by accident by connecting my monitor to a different HDMI port on the PC. I was pleasantly shocked this eradicated the problem.

I’ve no idea why it worked but in the beginning, I had my LG monitor connected to the HDMI port of the motherboards’s integrated graphics card (Intel HD 630). The problem was resolved when I connected the monitor to the HDMI port of the dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti).

I hope this simple fix helps anyone!